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Welcome to Lot & Garonne, department of Pays d'Albret

Irrigated by the blue gold of the Baise and the Garonne,
Enriched by the gold of red vines of Buzet,
Brought to life by the green gold of pines and orchards,
the country of Henry IV is a destination full of charm and brilliance.

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At the heart of Aquitaine and South-west France, Baise, a tributary of the Garonne, rolls through green hills of the southern department of Lot-et-Garonne.
Long before the glory of the Renaissance and the future King Henry IV, antique villas, medieval villages and fortified towns sought the proximity of the river as a source of prosperity and leisure. Today, pleasure boating has replaced the barges and barges of the past, for a crossing of the historical, cultural and gastronomic paradise Gascon.

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The Pays d'Albret (Occitan Gascon Labrit / Albret), in its modern incarnations, applies to the hillsides of Gascony, on the left bank of the Garonne River, corresponding to the southwestern department of Lot-et-Garonne.

Culture is strongly developed on the perimeter with the presence of equipment for the development of a range of quality: the area of Albret Nerac, concert halls and Vianne Barbaste, Mezin the theater, the "Margot" theater, which has Nerac, the contemporary art gallery and library of Nerac Mezin.
The services are organized around the central town of Nerac, but there are also developments throughout the country to meet the needs of populations and mobility problems they may encounter.

It derives its name from the former dukedom of Albret, which was the capital Nerac. The name actually comes from the neighboring Albret, in the Landes of Gascony, whose house was originally Albret.


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We can decompose the region in the two coherent entity:
Queyran, centered to Casteljaloux between Bazadais and Garonne facing Marmande;
the country Coeur d'Albret and Nerac, center on the lower course of the Baïse;
The Brulhois more along the Garonne River to the east, to the Tarn-et-Garonne, also belonged to the duchy of Albret.
It was the same for Tenareze or Condom (mainly in the department of Gers) that is rather closer to the Armagnac.
A part of the Country of Albret, belonging to part of the Landes of Gascony, is the Landes Lot-et-Garonne


The Pays d'Albret has developed its tourism with the development of its towns (bastide of Vianne, Nerac, Mezin, Bruch, etc..), the creation of hiking trails (pedestrian, cyclists), the development of holiday villages (Lislebonne has Mezin Relais Cap France has Barbaste) and the discovery of his heritage.
In agricultural matters, we find the main industrial groups of seed treatment, and other productions of quality (AOC Buzet, the Armagnac appellation Tenareze and melon of Gascogne).

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